Wednesday, April 24

Early Morning Bootcamp

The class is designed to develop both strength and endurance through high intensity interval and circuit training. Bootcamp style fitness equipment is used...

Anxiety & Stress Reduction Workshop

Every college student feels stressed and anxious, but sometimes it can become overwhelming. This is a 3-part workshop to learn and practice skills to deal...

Ice Cream Float Fundraiser

Alpha Phi Omega will be holding its annual ice cream float fundraiser. Proceeds from this event will go toward the Boys and Girls Club of Abilene.

Student Life Lunch-N-Learn

Student Life is hosting multiple Lunch-N-Learns throughout the semester designed to engage with a diverse group of Faculty and staff. Our goal is to discuss...

Tabata Group Exercise

Tabata is an interval-training class that involves 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The class is set up in 4-minute blocks. The class...

Resumes & Lattes

Drop by Gilbert's, bring your resume, and get a free coffee! Come-and-go event. Let Career Services help you strengthen your resume as a marketing piece to...

Afternoon TRX Basics

Come and try TRX, designed to target both upper and lower body muscular strength using body weight with overhead leverage TRX straps.

Pass the Torch

The 2018-19 RA staff will "pass the torch" to the newly hired 2019-20 RA staff.

Reach - Bible Study and Worship

Weekly bible study and worship host by the BSM

Wednesday, April 24