Monday, April 22

Early Morning Bootcamp

The class is designed to develop both strength and endurance through high intensity interval and circuit training. Bootcamp style fitness equipment is used...

Earth Day Information Station

Students will be provided information about Earth day, climate change, parks, and methods of preserving the environment in celebration.

Tabata Group Exercise

Tabata is an interval-training class that involves 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. The class is set up in 4-minute blocks. The class...

Jylan Burris, Senior Cello Recital

Senior Jylan Burris, BBS. PSYC, will perform a cello recital

Afternoon TRX Basics

Come and try TRX, designed to target both upper and lower body muscular strength using body weight with overhead leverage TRX straps.

Concert Band Concert

The HSU Concert Band will perform a concert.

Mandatory Residence Hall Meetings

This is in the lobby of each Residence Hall to discuss information about how to live well in the halls, check-out procedures, etc.

Monday, April 22